Continuity Plans

Continuity of Operations Plans are the specific preparations, plans, and guidelines for industry, tribal, local, state, and federal departments and agencies develop to provide for the survival of functional operations in the event of a disaster or catastrophic occurrence.

  • 8/12/2010
  • Colorado Department of Health and Environment
  • Feb. 2010. Preparedness and Prevention, Contingency Plan and Emergency Procedures, Large Quantity Generators. pdf (1.13MB)
  • 4/3/2008
  • Lincoln, NE ECC 911 System Failure Procedure
  • The 911 System Failure Procedure establishes guidelines for reporting of Emergency Communications Center/911 Telephone System failures.
  • 4/3/2008
  • Lincoln, NE ECC Evacuation Plan
  • The Evacuation Plan contains policies and procedures to be followed for any situation that puts the 911 Center out of service or in danger that it cannot safely and effectively operate at the primary location.